24 Hours of innovation and creativity to help parents with storytelling

Tiny Love brings creatives together in a hackathon for 3rd consecutive year

Pure creativity, innovation, brainstorming, mingling, little to no sleep and tons of fun for 24 hours straight—that was the Tiny Love Hackathon, which took place May 18th-19th for the third consecutive year. This year’s theme was Storytelling.


20170505 Tiny Love Hackathon3Tiny Love selected 70 creative designers, tech people and independent entrepreneurs from hundreds of applicants and organized them into groups of five. Throughout the round-the-clock event, each group worked on a concept for a product that focused on storytelling for children aged 0 to 24 months. At the end of the 24 hours, the teams each presented their ideas. A team of eight judges, including 5 Tiny Love employees and 3 external judges, chose the three winning concepts. 


Tiny Love is free to use any of the 14 concepts developed during the hackathon within the following year. Any team responsible for a concept that leads to the development of a product will of course receive royalties.


20170505 Tiny Love Hackathon2Karin Shifter-Maor, VP Marketing for Tiny Love, can still feel the energy: "We had a blast. The room was full of energy from beginning to end. Each of the 14 teams worked hard and produced some great concepts for Tiny Love. Thanks to the super talented participants for coming and brainstorming.  We are already looking forward to next year!"


Tiny Love is a global brand of Dorel Juvenile that specializes in the creation of baby products and toys that encourage baby’s development. Among other values, the company puts special emphasis on the innovation and creativity of its product development. To achieve this, the company collaborates in numerous ways with designers, tech people and independent entrepreneurs and always keeps its door open to new ideas.

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