INFANTI celebrates 15 years of caring for families across Latin America

Infanti, the key regional Latin American juvenile brand of Silfa-Dorel Juvenile, marks its 15-year birthday, celebrating its presence and success in more than 20 countries. "Our vision and products have made Infanti a leading brand in Chile, its home country, and beyond,” says Juan Pablo Sitnisky, Executive Vice-President of Silfa-Dorel.

As a 360° brand, Infanti provides for all of the family’s needs up to 6 years of age with its range of strollers, car seats, infant and children’s clothing and shoes, accessories and educational toys. Juan Pablo adds: “Our products stand out for their high quality and safety—two things that we strongly value and have delivered to our customers for the last 15 years. And today we wish to thank our customers for choosing us, and our products, to accompany them and their children from the moment their babies are born until the day their children start school.”


Infanti clothes

Since 2002, the brand and its range of secure and practical products have been present in the homes of families across Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But Silfa, part of Dorel Juvenile, has plans to expand. "We want to position ourselves in markets where we are not yet present. These 15 years of experience have given us the drive to further internationalize our brand and take it to the US, Europe and China," explains Juan Pablo.


"It is our desire and our mission to continue listening and responding to our customers’ needs, to be able to offer parents secure, practical, complete and innovative solutions —to make them happier every day on their beautiful family journeys," concludes Sitnisky.



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