Portuguese association for child safety celebrates 25 years of continuous progress in keeping children safe and secure

With 25 years of experience in safeguarding child safety in Portugal, the Portuguese Association for Child Safety Promotion (APSI), is a well-established authority in the country. To mark this significant milestone, the organization hosted a conference to share knowledge with its partners who have helped contribute to creating a safer world for children. Dorel Juvenile has been a partner of APSI for 8 years and Dorel Juvenile’s own François Renaudin, Advanced Research Director, and Paulo Anjos, Managing Director Iberia, took to the stage to share their insights on child safety.


_MG_5680The APSI team during the conference - on the right François Renaudin and Paulo Anjos


Improving regulations to protect children as they grow
All of APSI’s partners have the common goal of improving children’s safety and security. Dorel Juvenile, for instance, focuses particularly on traffic safety, investing energy and expertise in facilitating official regulations for car seats. According to François Renaudin: “Defining clear safety requirements in legislation is important so that the regulations are easy for consumers to understand. Over the past years we have been very involved with developing the i-Size regulation to achieve better compatibility and improved integration of children’s anthropometry, meaning that car seat solutions now better correspond to the growth of a child. Sharing that kind of information here is very valuable, because we can achieve more together in terms of ensuring the utmost safety of children.”


Helping parents to carry their children home safely
Another joint initiative of APSI and Dorel Juvenile is a project called, ‘Safety of Infants, Children and Young People’. Together with the General Directorate of Health of Portugal, Dorel Juvenile involves health professionals in educating parents on how to safely transport their babies and young children. Paulo Anjos explains: “We empower health professionals with knowledge so they can teach parents how to safely carry their children home. We have also equipped 45 health institutions across Portugal with Bébé Confort car seats so that no kid is transported unsafely. Being safe is an undeniable right for all babies and by doing this we can help them and their families get a healthy and positive start in life.”  



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