WestSide Baby supports 156 families with Dorel Juvenile car seats

The social service organization, WestSide Baby, has distributed 156 car seats – donated by Dorel Juvenile – to children in need across the greater Seattle/King County area in Washington state in the US. With this personal video the agency surprised Dorel Juvenile thanking for the partnership.



Matching missions
WestSide Baby was founded to support families in need by providing children with the basics. Car seats are definitely one of these basics, as ensuring children’s safety is essential, no matter what. This is where both the missions of WestSide and Dorel Juvenile meet. Dan DeSimone, Director of Returns and Allowances at Dorel Juvenile comments: “WestSide Baby is a fantastic organization that does amazing work for families in need. We are very happy to contribute to the great work WestSide Baby is doing with our donations.”


2017-11-28 14_40_36-(11) WestSide Baby shows their gratitude for Dorel's partnership - News - Intern


Supporting families in need
The donations to WestSide Baby are part of a special program that Dorel Juvenile has set up with some retailers. Dan notes: “Some of the retailers returned car seats are sent back to Dorel Juvenile. These car seats may have been opened by the consumer but not used. For example, a consumer might try to install a product in the car and discover it does not fit. The product may have been taken out of the original plastic bag packaging, but otherwise be unused. For these specific seats, we have set-up a donation program. After a stringent review, we donate the approved seats to charity organizations like WestSide Baby as well as directly to the community near our plant in Columbus. In this way we create a win-win at all ends: we support families in need and reduce the amount of waste from our company.”

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