What’s in a color?

Maxi-Cosi’s compelling values and choices behind its conscientious fashion design


A product is a very important part of the experience that people have with a brand. Helping to create those visual and tactile experiences, those closer connections with consumers, is Dorel Juvenile’s talented Maxi-Cosi team of fashion designers. Constance Gerris, Global Fashion Manager for Maxi-Cosi and Quinny, explains what’s in a color, a fabric, and much more. 

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Tactility is everything

Designing with babies and parents in mind is in the Maxi-Cosi fashion team’s DNA. Constance explains: “The layering of colors and different fabric textures draw consumers into the product in a positive way. The fabrics and textures we use have to be soft, because tactility is important, especially to parents who think: is this cozy and suitable for my child? We pay attention to every little detail in every product, because we want to make relevant products for our consumers.”


Using the best quality materials for the baby

Maxi-Cosi’s attentiveness and care extends from the smallest design and styling detail to the largest responsibility of all—that of caring for a child, for the future. “Our goal is always to find the best combination of materials to provide the most incredible comfort and safety for the baby. That entails selecting breathable textiles with natural ingredients, such as bamboo, to make long car trips more enjoyable, and choosing contemporary styles and colors that reflect the life of today’s families, making them happy to own the product. We follow trends, think about the consumers’ lifestyles and translate the Maxi-Cosi DNA into the designs, so consumers can experience the beauty of the product,” adds Constance.


Recognizing yourself in Maxi-Cosi products

Constance GerrisConstance Gerris

In spite of the evolving trends, the fashion and design teams creates coherence, as well as differentiated product versions to cater to consumer tastes and needs in specific local markets. One example is using temperature-regulating fabrics on products that are sold in hotter climates, keeping in mind that changing the fabric also changes the appearance, tactility and experience of a product. Understanding and connecting with consumer lifestyles is really at the core of both Dorel Juvenile and its leading brand, Maxi-Cosi. “We want consumers to recognize themselves and their lifestyles in the products, from the style and the functionalities to the Maxi-Cosi heritage and brand identity,” adds Constance.


Trends change, and so does Maxi-Cosi. One thing should not however, and according to Constance, that is the decision to purchase a Maxi-Cosi product. “It should be an easy decision for a consumer, because Maxi-Cosi is not only producing safe and reliable products, but the products are also appealing, comfortable and readily fit into modern parents’ lifestyles.” 

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