Stroller marathon organized in Chile

On Saturday 24 September 2016 Infanti organized its 7th Stroller Marathon in Santiago, Chile. Parents raced with their children in strollers, a distance of 3 kilometers. About 450 couples participated encouraged by many mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and other family and friends. 







Supporting 'Casa de la Sagrada Familia'

All profits gained from this event will be donated to 'Casa de la Sagrada Familia'. This foundation supports children who fight against cancer by financing their medical treatments. Paulette Berg, General Manager of Own Brands, and responsible for this event, illustrates, "It's a great event which creates a win-win situation. Both the participants and their families have a great day and share precious quality time. Together they play sports, which is good for mind and health. Additionally they put effort in a good cause. The atmosphere is extraordinary and we hope to continue this initiative for many years to come!"     



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