The new Maxi-Cosi car seat Titan Pro 'Grows as they do'

Check out Maxi-Cosi's newest car seat, the Titan Pro! This multi-age car seat stands out among the rest, as it is designed to 'grow as they do'. Its smart features and comfortable materials means parents get maximum safety and comfort for their growing children from the baby years to late childhood.


Smart headrest
Innovative, yet practical features of the Titan Pro include the GrowSafe headrest, the GrowSafe harness and G-cell side impact protection technology. The smart headrest has a locking mechanism which notifies parents when it is time to adjust the seat to their growing child’s size. The harness is cleverly designed to help parents optimise the Titan Pro’s fit to their child every day they sit in it. Next to this, the G-cell side-impact protection technology provides extra safety for children in case of an impact.


One in three car seats is incorrectly installed* and the Titan Pro car seat takes parents worries away by doing the thinking for them. It is specifically designed to help parents avoid common car seat installation mistakes. Together, the GrowSafe headrest and harness make for a winning combination of safety and comfort, because parents get the perfect fit for every journey they take in the seat.



According to Rens Joosten, Product Manager for Maxi-Cosi car seats: “Titan Pro is an excellent car seat for parents who don’t want to buy multiple seats over the years as their child grows bigger. With Titan Pro, we’ve got you and your family covered all the way from 9 months to 12 years—from the diaper years to the sports and music lesson years, and everything in between.”


Peace of mind
With the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro’s padded seat complete with G-Cell side-impact protection and premium fabrics, children will certainly enjoy a safe and smooth ride, and perhaps even a nice nap along the way. Titan Pro gives parents the peace of mind they need in life as they move with their children into the future ahead.


The Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro will be introduced in Europe, Asia and Australia within the next months. Check for more information. 




* Specially commissioned research, undertaken by PCP.

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