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IS Project Manager (M/F), Vila do Conde

About us

Dorel Juvenile is the world's leading juvenile products company. Our products are available in more than 100 countries. All of our talented employees share the same mission: to Care for Precious Life. We help families live carefree lives by providing them with juvenile products that rank highest in consumer reviews. That's what sets our products apart; durable, helpful and caring.

Your mission

The IS Project Manager analyses the processes within the assigned cornerstone and points out options for automation. Furthermore, he is capable of bridging technology and the customer’s abstract questions. He understands the wider context of the question, analyses the underlying processes and knows how to basically translate these into a draft recommendation.
He knows how to translate his ideas into the customer’s ICT and process environment. He develops the Road Map, he writes the recommendation report (the Action Plan), sets out the Program of Requirements and is capable of specifying these in technical models. He prepares business cases, is responsible for supervising the integration, for change management analyses and the implementation.
The IS Project Manager has earned the trust of his clients. He is brought in by them for less complex projects that he leads independently. For more complex matters, he works as part of a team, or in collaboration with a more experienced IS Project Manager.

Key responsibilities

  • Investigates the information needs of process owners, bottlenecks in the provision of information or the relevance of change proposals for existing information systems.
  • Puts forward proposals for solutions which may or may not be automated and, based on those, draws up the (system) specifications.
  • Defines the functions and (sub) systems and the mutual relationships/interdependencies between them.
  • Specifies the relationships with processes and formulates the data requirements, logical relationships between data, as well as quality and safety requirements.
  • Prepares the functional design of systems.
  • Defines the processes, functions, (sub) systems, data collections, method of data storage and data processing and the interaction with users. With the foregoing indicates which functions qualify for automation and which solutions are to hand.
  • Provides advice about changes in respect of procedures, powers, duties and other organisational aspects that are required to enable systems to operate.
  • Participates in projects for the development or maintenance of information systems and in the case of smaller projects, acts as independent project leader.

Your profile

  • Degree in Information Systems or a Degree on Computer Engineering it´s required.
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience in similar positions.
  • Fluent in English, write and spoken.
  • Is eager to learn, asks questions and thinks along about issues or advice.
  • Able to form own vision, from which he/she leads a process, a project, a policy issue or a department, and advises management.
  • Able to take (political) interests into account and oversees the (long-term) consequences of advice and/or decisions for everyone involved.
  • Able to oversee a complete, complex project and take (political) interests of multiple stakeholders into account.

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